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International Premium Finance

International Premium Finance

Insurers, who allow insurance premiums to be deferred, will normally offer you a maximum of four instalments.  We can arrange for the insurers to receive the full annual premium due to them.  Clients can take out a simple repayment plan in order to spread the annual premium costs over 10 equal instalments.   The obvious benefit of this is to take away the worries of cash flow peaks and troughs of normal trading.  Because of this benefit to the underwriters, we can quite often negotiate a small discount from them which will cover or contribute to the fee of the finance company.  We believe that this cross border international premium finance is a unique product.

We offer finance for premiums payable in the following currencies:

  • $ US Dollars
  • € Euros
  • £ Sterling

How you can benefit?

  • Affordable insurance
  • Quicker claims settlement
  • Improved cash flow
  • More working capital
  • Consolidated Insurance Payments
  • Tax deductible interest